as above, so below, cast plaster, acrylic paint, reflective spray wood. 2021.           
The sixteen monoliths contain United States and Soviet nuclear weapon test sites and uranium mines from around the world, created from translating Google satellite imagery through different technologies to arrive at geo-accurate low-relief sculpture. In many cases, scars from detonations are visible, in others--such as the site where the largest nuclear detonation in history occurred, the Tsar Bomba-- the devastation is not physically visible. 

odine-131, cast gypsum concrete, acrylic and reflective paint, LED lights, 47"x47", 2020.                 

This is a topography of the Nevada Test Site, created from translating real earth via Google satellite imagery through different technologies to arrive at geo-accurate low-relief sculpture. Civilians are not allowed to enter this site, but the scars from testing are visible from space.  

  Bingham Mine and Nevada Test Site proto-tiles, 12"x12", sand cast aluminum; cast gypsum concrete and spray paint, 2020

"it doesn't look like paradise anymore (fence)", torched pre-fab acrylic fence, 4 x 8ft, 2019

forge, cast concrete and pyrite ore, 2015. 14 objects I found along the railroad tracks near my studio in Miami: broken wood from railroad ties, railroad spikes, crushed granite ground cover for the track, an animal bone, a palm frond chunk, a cinderblock chunk repeated and distorted.

99 claims (installation view), cast concrete and pyrite ore, 2014. This is a portrait of the founder of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith, cast 99 times from the same original sculpture, such that each unique variant is a distortion of his visage. 

experiments in existentialism, marble dust and resin, 2014--

pyrite paintings, pyrite residue and punctures from smashing pyrite ore chunks on dropcloth to create aggregate for 99 claims and forge. 2014-2015. 

and all that comes with it, concrete and pyrite ore cast from lost wax, 2013

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