Bingham Mine and Nevada Test Site proto-tiles, 12"x12", sand cast aluminum, 2020

"it doesn't look like paradise anymore (fence)", torched pre-fab acrylic fence, 4 x 8ft, 2019

forge, cast concrete and pyrite ore, 2015. 14 objects I found along the railroad tracks near my studio in Miami: broken wood from railroad ties, railroad spikes, crushed granite ground cover for the track, an animal bone, a palm frond chunk, a cinderblock chunk repeated and distorted.

99 claims (installation view), cast concrete and pyrite ore, 2014. This is a portrait of the founder of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith, cast 99 times from the same original sculpture, such that each unique variant is a distortion of his visage. 

experiments in existentialism, marble dust and resin, 2014--

pyrite paintings, pyrite residue and punctures from smashing pyrite ore chunks on dropcloth to create aggregate for 99 claims and forge. 2014-2015. 

and all that comes with it, concrete and pyrite ore cast from lost wax, 2013

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